Types Of Monkeys

Monkeys are primates that can be divided into two main types of monkeys. Those two monkey types can be divided by location and by physical characteristics, and are called Old World monkeys and New World monkeys.

Different types of monkeys

Old World monkeys

Old World monkeys are native to Africa and Asia. They can be found in South and East of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and there are some species in Gibraltar. Old World monkeys don’t have tails, but even if they do, they can’t use it to grab the branches like the New World monkeys. Also, when you look at their other physical characteristics, Old World monkeys have versatile opposite thumb, which is not a case with New World monkeys. Old World monkeys have around 78 species of monkeys and we can divide them into two subfamilies.

Allen’s swamp monkey
Angolan talapoin
Gabon talapoin
patas monkey
Green monkey or Sabaeus monkey
Bale Mountains vervet
Tantalus monkey
Vervet monkey
Dryas monkey or Salongo monkey,
Diana monkey
Roloway monkey
Greater spot-nosed monkey,
Blue monkey
Silver monkey
Golden monkey
Sykes’ monkey
Mona monkey
Campbell’s mona monkey
Lowe’s mona monkey
Crested mona monkey
Wolf’s mona monkey
Dent’s mona monkey
Lesser spot-nosed monkey
White-throated guenon

Red-eared guenon
Moustached guenon
Red-tailed monkey
L’Hoest’s monkey
Preuss’s monkey
Sun-tailed monkey
Hamlyn’s monkey
De Brazza’s monkey
Barbary macaque
Lion-tailed macaque
Southern pig-tailed macaque
Northern pig-tailed macaque
Pagai Island macaque
Siberut macaque
Moor macaque
Booted macaque
Tonkean macaque
Heck’s macaque
Gorontalo macaque
Celebes crested macaque
Celebes crested macaque
Stump-tailed macaque
Rhesus macaque
Formosan rock macaque
Japanese macaque

Toque macaque
Bonnet macaque
Assam macaque
Tibetan macaque
Arunachal macaque
White-cheeked macaque
Grey-cheeked mangabey
Black crested mangabey
Opdenbosch’s mangabey
Uganda mangabey
Johnston’s mangabey
Osman Hill’s mangabey
Hamadryas baboon
Guinea baboon
Olive baboon
Yellow baboon
Chacma baboon
Gelada baboon
Sooty mangabey
Collared mangabey
Agile mangabey
Golden-bellied mangabey
Tana River mangabey
Sanje mangabey

New World monkeys

Those monkeys live in the South and Central America – that is why they are called New World monkeys. The main difference is the fact that New World monkeys use their tails to hold branches which are a result of evolution. The main distinction people use to recognize New World monkeys is their nose which is flatter than the Old World monkeys, with side-facing nostrils.

common marmoset
black-tufted marmoset
Wied’s marmoset
white-headed marmoset
buffy-headed marmoset
buffy-tufted marmoset
Rio Acari marmoset
silvery marmoset
white marmoset
Emilia’s marmoset
black-headed marmoset
manicore marmoset
Marca’s marmoset
black-tailed marmoset
Santarem marmoset
Maués marmoset
gold-and-white marmoset
Hershkovitz’s marmoset
Roosmalens’ dwarf marmoset
pygmy marmoset
golden lion tamarin
golden-headed lion tamarin
black lion tamarin
Superagui lion tamarin
red-handed tamarin
black tamarin
black-mantled tamarin
Graells’s tamarin
brown-mantled tamarin
white-mantled tamarin
golden-mantled tamarin
moustached tamarin
red-capped tamarin
white-lipped tamarin
emperor tamarin
pied tamarin
Martins’s tamarin
cottontop tamarin
Geoffroy’s tamarin
white-footed tamarin
mottle-faced tamarin
Goeldi’s marmoset
white-headed capuchin
white-fronted capuchin
weeper capuchin

Kaapori capuchin
tufted capuchin
black-striped capuchin
black capuchin
golden-bellied capuchin
blond capuchin
Central American squirrel monkey
common squirrel monkey
bare-eared squirrel monkey
black-capped squirrel monkey
black squirrel monkey
gray-bellied night monkey
Panamanian night monkey
gray-handed night monkey
Hernández-Camacho’s night monkey
Brumback’s night monkey
three-striped night monkey
Spix’s night monkey
Peruvian night monkey
Nancy Ma’s night monkey
Azara’s night monkey
black-headed night monkey
white-eared titi
Rio Beni titi
Rio Mayo titi
Ollala brothers’ titi
white-coated titi
Baptista Lake titi
Prince Bernhard’s titi
brown titi
ashy black titi
Hoffmanns’s titi
red-bellied titi
Barbara Brown’s titi
Coimbra Filho’s titi
coastal black-handed titi
black-fronted titi
Atlantic titi
chestnut-bellied titi
coppery titi
white-tailed titi
Hershkovitz’s titi
ornate titi
Stephen Nash’s titi
Lucifer titi

black titi
Colombian black-handed titi
Rio Purus titi
red-headed titi
collared titi
Madidi titi
white-faced saki
monk saki
Rio Tapajós saki
equatorial saki
white-footed saki
black bearded saki
red-backed bearded saki
brown-backed bearded saki
Uta Hick’s bearded saki
white-nosed saki
black-headed uakari
bald uakari
Aracá uakari
Neblina uakari
Coiba Island howler
mantled howler
Guatemalan black howler
red-handed howler
brown howler
Guyanan red howler
Amazon black howler
Bolivian red howler
Venezuelan red howler
black howler
red-faced spider monkey
white-fronted spider monkey
Peruvian spider monkey
brown spider monkey
white-cheeked spider monkey
black-headed spider monkey
Geoffroy’s spider monkey
southern muriqui
northern muriqui
brown woolly monkey
gray woolly monkey
Colombian woolly monkey
silvery woolly monkey
yellow-tailed woolly monkey